prioritizes the privacy of its visitors, as stated in our Privacy Policy. This document outlines the information collected and recorded by our website,, and how we utilize it.

If you have any further inquiries or require additional details regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us via email at

This Privacy Policy only covers our online activities and relates to the information shared or collected on our website, It does not apply to offline information collection or information obtained through channels other than our website.

Consent: By utilizing our website, you are granting your consent to our Privacy Policy and agreeing to abide by its terms.

Changes to This Privacy Policy: Changes to this Privacy Policy may occur periodically and without prior notice. Unless stated otherwise in this Policy, these modifications may be applicable to any personal information we already possess about you or personal information gathered after the Policy has been revised. We encourage you to regularly visit this page in order to stay informed about our latest updates. Your continued access or use of this Site following the implementation of any changes indicates your acceptance of the updated Policy.

Furthermore, we may furnish you with “just-in-time” disclosures or additional information pertaining to the data processing practices specific to certain sections of our Site. Such notices may supplement this Policy or offer you additional choices concerning how we handle your personal information.

Third Parties: Please note that this Policy does not govern the processing of information by third parties. This includes situations where you visit a third-party website or engage with third-party services, including those accessed through links on our Sites or those with whom we may share information as described in this Policy. Prior to disclosing any information to third parties, we recommend reviewing their respective privacy policies.

When you contact a number provided on our Sites or submit an inquiry for an estimate, quote, or service, we share this information with our network of Partners. These Partners compensate us for offering this service and utilize the information to match you with contractors who can provide estimates and other relevant details regarding your inquiry. Our terms of service require Partners to handle Personal Data in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. It is important to note that once Personal Data is transferred to our Partners or Contractors as part of our services, we no longer have control over it. Each Partner and Contractor maintains its own Privacy Policy, and for information regarding the use of your Personal Data, we recommend contacting them directly.

Personal Information:

“Personal Data”: This refers to any information pertaining to an identified or identifiable individual, including performance, log, and cookie data that can be associated with an identifiable person. We gather and handle various types of information. Please note that the specific elements of Personal Data provided in the example are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change. In certain instances, we may convert Personal Data into anonymous records for specific business purposes of ours, our Partners, and our Affiliates (as defined below). Once information is anonymized or aggregated, it no longer qualifies as Personal Data, and we retain the right to use, share, and store it indefinitely for any purpose.

“Contact Data”: This refers to Personal Data utilized for the purpose of contacting you. This may include information such as your name, company name, title, email address, physical address, phone number, and/or username.

“Performance & Log Data” encompasses information generated through your interaction with our Sites. This may include your IP address, browser type, operating system, command line details, diagnostic information regarding Site activities (e.g., crash reports), the source of referral webpages, visited pages, date and time of access, geo-location, mobile carrier, device and application IDs, as well as search terms used. It is important to note that depending on the laws of your country of residence, your IP address may be legally classified as personally identifiable information.

“Cookies”: Cookies are small data files generated by a website and stored by your web browser. They serve the purpose of remembering information about you, much like a preference file created by a software application. Cookies and similar automated data collection technologies may, in certain instances, gather personal information or information that becomes personal when combined with other data.

“Web Pixels”: Web Pixels are compact HTML code snippets that are activated when a user visits a website or opens an email. They are employed to monitor user behaviour on our Sites, including activities such as referring sites and form submissions. Depending on the scenario, Web Pixels may be utilized to gather personal information or data that becomes classified as Personal Data when combined with other relevant information.

“Other Data”: refers to any additional information that an individual voluntarily provides to us. This may include survey responses, comments on our blog, or any other form of communication submitted to us.

Collection and Processing

We gather your Personal Data via our Sites and during phone conversations when you contact an inquiry number listed on our Sites. It’s important to note that our Sites are public, and any information disclosed on them could potentially appear on search engines or other publicly accessible platforms. Such information may be crawled, searched, and utilized by third parties not affiliated with us. To avoid disclosing any information you wish to keep private, we advise against posting such details publicly. Additionally, please refrain from calling us from any phone number for which you haven’t granted us permission to utilize and share, as outlined below.

Quote Requests: 

Upon submission of a request for an estimate, quote, or related information via our Sites, we may utilize your Personal Data to facilitate the alignment of your request with a suitable Partner or Contractor from our established network. Our esteemed “Partner Network” comprises distinguished Partners who maintain extensive connections with local Contractors specializing in providing services related to Car Injury Justice.

Customer Service: Upon contacting us through our websites, whether by submitting a “contact us” form or any other online inquiry, subscribing to our newsletter or blog, downloading informational documents such as whitepapers, participating in contests, registering for demos or webinars, completing online surveys, or utilizing any other communication channel, we may document your Contact Data within our customer relationship management system. Furthermore, we may employ your Personal Data to promptly respond to your queries, or alternatively, share this information with a trusted Partner or Contractor who will also respond to your inquiries. By providing us with your mobile phone number, you explicitly grant us, as well as our Partners and Contractors, permission to send text messages to the specified number in order to address your requests and establish contact with you. This communication may be conducted using an auto-dialer or a recorded message at our discretion.

Marketing:  We may employ your Personal Data to ensure you receive regular updates about our products and services and to send you promotional material related to and our affiliated Partners, all in compliance with applicable laws. This communication may occur on behalf of our parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other entities under our common control, collectively referred to as “Affiliates,” as well as partner companies. The promotional material may encompass marketing communications, online surveys, notifications about our events and webinars, as well as those organized by our Partners, Contractors, Affiliates, and other third-party partners. By providing us with your mobile phone number, you explicitly grant us, along with our Partners and Contractors, permission to contact you via text messages, recorded messages, and/or an auto-dialer for marketing and promotional purposes. We, along with our Partners and Contractors, retain the right to exercise this discretion. You always have the choice to opt-out of our marketing communications at any given time.

Cookies & Similar Tech:  When you visit our Sites or open our HTML emails, we may automatically collect Performance & Log Data by utilizing Cookies, Web Pixels, web beacons, click-stream tracking, and other similar automated data collection technologies. We utilize this Personal Data for essential and functional purposes, including site administration, enhancing the performance and usability of the Sites, and analyzing user interactions. Additionally, on specific sections of our Sites, we may gather Personal Data through these technologies for advertising, remarketing, or similar purposes.

Security: We handle your Personal Data to enhance the security of our Sites and mitigate risks associated with spam, malware, and other security threats. This may entail the monitoring of your activities on our Sites. If we do not process your Personal Data for these purposes, we may not be able to guarantee the security of our Sites.

Further Processing: If we engage in the processing of Personal Data related to your use of the Sites in a manner not explicitly outlined in this Policy, the general provisions of this Policy will continue to apply (e.g., pertaining to Your Rights and Choices), unless specifically stated otherwise at the time of data submission.

Sharing: The information we gather may be shared with different entities depending on the purpose and context of the information provided. When disclosing Personal Data to third-party service providers acting on our behalf, we strictly adhere to a “minimum necessary” standard, ensuring that only the essential information required to fulfil the intended purpose or provide the requested service is shared. Our overall approach to transferring Personal Data can be summarized as follows:

Consent: Your Personal Data will be shared in accordance with your explicit consent. When you provide any Personal Data through our Sites or contact us using a published phone number, you provide consent for the sharing of your Personal Data with Partners within our Partner Network. These Partners may, in turn, share your Personal Data with Contractors.

Partner Network: When you request a quote, we may share your Personal Data with Partners in our Partner Network, who compensate us for providing this service. Our Partners may utilize your Personal Data to connect you with a Contractor who can assist you with your Car Injury Justice projects. They may also share your Personal Data with the contractor in order to establish contact and offer their services. Suppose you provide us with your mobile phone number. In that case, you explicitly grant us, as well as any Partner or Contractor matched through our service, permission to call and send text messages to that number for the purpose of responding to your request. At our discretion, this communication may be conducted via phone call, text message, auto-dialer, or recorded message. It is important to note that Partners and Contractors are considered third parties. Once Personal Data is transferred to a Partner or Contractor as part of our services, it is no longer within our control and becomes subject to the privacy policies of the respective Partner or Contractor.

Service Providers: 

As part of our routine business operations, for the facilitation of specific functionalities and to support our legitimate business interests, we may collaborate with service providers or sub-processors who offer certain services or handle data on our behalf. These service providers are contractually bound to utilize your information solely for the purpose of delivering the services they provide to us. By using our Sites in accordance with this Policy, you provide consent to the sharing of information with these parties.

Affiliates: To enhance operational efficiency, advance product and service development in alignment with customer interests and requirements, and provide pertinent information regarding relevant offerings, we may share your Personal Data with our present or future Affiliates. By using our services, you consent to the sharing of your information and Personal Data with our Affiliates.

Third-Party Partners: Should you complete an online inquiry form that was recommended by a third-party partner, any information gathered through the form on our Sites may be disclosed to the referring third-party partner. Additionally, in compliance with applicable laws, we may share your Personal Data with third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. For example, when you register for a webinar co-hosted by us and a third-party partner, we may exchange your Personal Data with that partner. It is important to note that third-party partners are entitled to utilize your Personal Data for their own purposes, in accordance with their respective privacy policies.

Business Transactions: In the occurrence of a business transaction, such as a merger, acquisition, liquidation, or sale of all or a part of our assets, your Personal Data may be processed. For instance, during the due diligence process for a potential transaction, Personal Data may be disclosed (subject to confidentiality constraints). In the event of asset transfer, the acquiring company will assume any rights granted to us under this Policy.

Legal Disclosures:

In certain situations, we may access and disclose your Personal Data, including your communications and any other relevant information we have about you, without prior notice or consent. We may do so when we believe it is legally mandated, necessary to prevent or respond to a crime, investigate violations of our Terms of Use, or safeguard the vital interests of ourselves or others. It is important to note that these disclosures may be made to governments or entities that do not provide the same level of protection for your Personal Data. However, we retain the discretion, although not obligated, to object to the disclosure of your Personal Data to such parties.

Retention: We keep Personal Data for the duration essential to fulfil the original purposes of the processing and for a reasonable period thereafter. Additionally, we retain Personal Data as necessary to meet legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce contractual agreements. Retention periods may vary depending on the jurisdiction, but our general practice aligns with the following guidelines for data retention.

Site Activity: Information pertaining to your activity on our Sites, as well as any Other Data generated, posted, or shared by you, is retained for a duration that we deem necessary. This retention period may extend indefinitely unless you explicitly request its deletion. We may also retain such information for legitimate business purposes, such as maintaining system integrity and logs, or for activities like establishing or defending legal claims, conducting audits, and preventing unlawful activities.

Marketing: Information used for marketing purposes is retained indefinitely until you choose to unsubscribe. Once you have unsubscribed from marketing communications, your contact details are added to our suppression list to ensure your request is honored and respected.

Cookie Data: We typically retain information collected through cookies and similar technologies for up to one year. This includes information such as browsing history, preferences, and interactions with our website. The retention period for cookie data begins on the date the cookie is set. The cookie will expire after one year, at which point the information will be deleted. The retention periods for cookies owned by third parties may differ.

Call Recording: To comply with applicable laws, we will inform you in advance if a call is to be recorded. Recorded telephone conversations with you may be retained for a maximum period of six years.

It is important to note that once your Personal Data is shared with our Partners or Contractors as part of our service, we no longer have direct control over it. While our terms of service require Partners and Contractors to adhere to relevant local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and data protection guidelines, each of them maintains its own data retention policies. If you have any questions about the retention of your Personal Data, we recommend contacting the respective Partners or Contractors directly for more information.

Your Rights and Choices:

We respect your rights concerning your Personal Data as mandated by applicable law. However, it is important to note that we maintain the right, in accordance with relevant legislation, to impose restrictions or deny access or disclosure when permitted.

Access: Should you desire to obtain a comprehensive inventory of your processed Personal Data, you have the option to submit an official written request through email to the provided address below. We will diligently review and address your request in compliance with applicable regulations, ensuring that you receive the requested information.

Rectification: If you identify any inaccuracies in the Personal Data we hold about you, please reach out to us via email at the provided address. In your email, kindly specify the incorrect information and provide the accurate details for our prompt attention and necessary updates.

Data Erasure: As part of your rights, you have the option to request the deletion of your Personal Data from our systems once per year. To initiate this process, please submit an official written request via email to the provided address. In your request, clearly indicate the information you wish to have permanently removed from our systems. We will handle your request in accordance with relevant regulations, ensuring the proper deletion of the specified data.

Data Export: To receive a copy of your personal data, please send us an official written request via email. We may ask for additional personal data to verify your identity in order to protect the security of your data. Please note that we may retain certain account information to fulfill our recordkeeping and compliance obligations.

Data Sharing

Once personal data is shared with our partners or contractors as part of our services, we no longer control it. However, our terms of service require that our partners and contractors handle personal data in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Each partner and contractor has its own policies and procedures for exercising your rights. For specific guidance on how to exercise your rights regarding your personal data, we recommend contacting the relevant partners and contractors directly.

Choices: Although it is feasible to access and utilize the Sites without providing Personal Data, please be aware that certain features, content, and functionality may be inaccessible or may not function properly. In terms of the Personal Data we process, you have the following choices at your disposal:

Consent: Once you grant consent for the processing of your personal data, you maintain the prerogative to revoke such consent at any given time, within the limits allowed by applicable laws and regulations.

Opt-Out: You will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any non-service or non-transactional communications initiated by us. To discontinue receiving marketing communications, kindly follow the instructions provided in such communications or reach out to us via the designated email address below. Please bear in mind that it may take up to 30 days for us to process your opt-out request. However, certain essential email communications of a transactional or relationship nature, including service announcements, administrative notices, and surveys, may continue to be sent to you without an opt-out option, as they are crucial for the smooth operation of our business.

Compliance with applicable law grants you the option to opt-out of sharing Personal Data with third parties to the extent required. It is imperative to recognize that once Personal Data is transmitted to our Partners and Contractors as part of our services, it is beyond our direct control. Our terms of service mandate that Partners and Contractors handle Personal Data in full compliance with all relevant local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Each Partner and Contractor maintains their own opt-out procedures, and we recommend contacting them directly for specific information pertaining to their opt-out policies and procedures.

Telemarketing: We emphasise adhering to the laws and regulations enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, and state authorities. To ensure compliance, we have implemented robust policies designed to meet these requirements. If you prefer not to receive non-informational calls from us, you have the choice to add your telephone number(s) to our internal Do Not Call List. Simply send an email to the contact information provided, including your name and the telephone number(s) you wish to include on our list. Please remember to provide all relevant numbers if you have multiple phone lines.

Please note that any communication sent solely to confirm the receipt of your Do Not Call request will not be considered a violation of this Policy. We commit to honoring your request within thirty days, as federal and state laws mandated. It is important to understand that once phone information is shared with our Partners or Contractors as part of our services, it is beyond our direct control. However, our terms of service strictly require our Partners and Contractors to handle this contact information in full compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Each Partner and Contractor maintains its own internal Do Not Call List, and if you wish to be included on their respective lists, you will need to contact them individually.

Cookies: If you would like to manage or restrict the collection of information through cookies, you have the option to customize your browser settings or utilize various tools available. Here are some examples:

For a deeper understanding of cookies, similar tracking technologies, and their impact on your privacy, you can refer to It is important to note that the industry does not have a universally accepted standard for responding to “Do Not Track” signals. Therefore, we do not change our data collection and usage practices when your browser sends a “Do Not Track” signal.

Collection of Personal Information: We gather Personal Information that relates to individual consumers, households, or devices, enabling identification, description, referencing, association, or reasonable linkage to the specific individual. Throughout the past twelve months, we have accumulated diverse categories of Personal Information from Consumers, aligning with the classifications stipulated in the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We ensure that we acquire at least one exemplar from each category.

The aforementioned categories of Personal Information are obtained through the following channels:

  1. Directly and indirectly via activities carried out on our Sites. This encompasses information provided by customers through our website, as well as automatically collected customer usage details.
  2. Directly from Consumers who access our Sites and utilize our services. This includes information acquired from phone calls, emails, and data submitted through forms on our Sites.
  3. From third-party sources, For example Google and Facebook.

Sharing of Personal Information: We share collected Personal Information with service providers who assist us in delivering specific services across various areas. These include identity verification, fraud prevention, business intelligence, customer relationship management, bill collection, payment processing, marketing, hosting, and technology services. Our contractual agreements ensure that providers only use Consumer information for service delivery. By using our Sites, you implicitly consent to sharing information with these providers.

To opt-out, submit a request via the provided form or contact us via email or phone. Account creation is not required. Personal information in opt-out requests is used solely for verification and compliance.

After fulfilling your opt-out request, we wait at least twelve months before seeking reauthorization for Personal Information sales. However, you can opt-in anytime by contacting us through the provided contact methods.

Non-Discrimination: We are dedicated to upholding your rights under the CCPA without subjecting you to any form of discrimination. With the exception of circumstances permitted by the CCPA, we will not deny you goods or services, engage in differential pricing or rates, including offering discounts or benefits, impose penalties, provide a disparate level or quality of goods or services, or suggest that you may receive different pricing, rates, level, or quality of goods or services.

Security: We have apply reasonable security measures to safeguard your Personal Data from accidental loss, unauthorized access, use, alteration, and disclosure. However, please be aware that absolute security cannot be guaranteed. We cannot be held accountable for any attempts to bypass privacy settings or security measures on our Sites. Your information is stored on servers managed by trusted service providers who adhere to industry-standard security controls. Nevertheless, we cannot control the security practices of third parties and thus cannot be held responsible for any breaches that may occur. The transmission of information or Personal Data is done at your own risk.

Minors: Our services are intended for individuals who are 18 years of age or older or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction. We do not knowingly collect information from minors. If we become aware that we have inadvertently collected information from a minor, we will promptly delete it. If you are a minor, please refrain from accessing or using our website without obtaining parental or guardian consent.

International Transfers: While we primarily operate within the United States, our Sites are accessible globally. If you access our Sites from outside the United States or provide your Personal Data to us from a location outside the United States, your information may be transferred, stored, or processed in the United States. This means that your data may be stored on computers or servers located outside your jurisdiction, where privacy laws may offer different levels of protection. By using our Sites, you consent to the transfer of your information to the United States and the sharing of your data with third parties as outlined in this Policy. This applies regardless of whether we currently serve your jurisdiction.

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